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  1. Sale Animal Balloon Ball - Penguin Animal Balloon Ball - Penguin

    Throw it, catch it, bounce it!


    Keep the children entertained with this inflatable penguin ball! Squishy animal figure that can be inflated into a balloon-like ball, simply insert the straw into the figure and blow into it to inflate the animal into a large balloon to bat around. When you want him/her back to regular size, simply re-insert the straw and he'll deflate to his original size, ready to be blown up again next time. Can be inflated and deflated over and over again.


    When they are not being blown up they also make a fun fidget toy as many children enjoy the feeling of the soft rubber


    Material: Plastic

    Size: 11 cm

  2. Cute little tube with a multi coloured spot design containing 12 assorted coloured pencils.


    Handy for keeping little ones busy and would also make a great party bag filler!


    Size: approx 10 cm Tall

  3. Sale Watermelon Mini Purse Watermelon Mini Purse

    This super cute watermelon vinyl coin purse is a fun little party bag filler for kids!


    Or great for collecting pocket money earnt doing house chores...


    Material: Vinyl, Plastic

    Size: 8.5 cm long x 11 cm wide

  4. Sale Retro Style Astronomy Kaleidoscope Toy Retro Style Astronomy Kaleidoscope Toy

    This wonderful astronomy kaleidoscope is a cool party favour or stocking filler.

    Simply twist the end to reveal colourful changing patterns with an nightsky / space pattern printed on the outside.

    Material: Plastic, Card tube

    Size: Length: 19 cm Diameter: 4.5cm

    Age: Not for children under 3 years old

  5. Cute colourful balloon powered boat toy made from plastic.


    Simply inflate the balloon, pinch the end and then fit it to the top of the boat. When the boat is in water, release the balloon and the boat with drive along the surface.


    Material: Plastic

    Size: 10 cm

    Includes 2 balloons

  6. Make back to school lots of fun with this super cute sausage dog ruler!


    Material: Plastic

    Size: 29cm long, 3cm wide, markings of 0-20 cms.

  7. There's something delightful with old fashioned toys and with their nostalgic appearance and muted colour scheme, this little wind up mermaid is sure to be a hit!


    Twist the clockwork mechanism to prime it then release the mermaid in water to watch her swim whilst swishing her tail Would make a lovely gift!


    Colour: Pink Fin

    Material: Plastic & Metal

    Size:: 9 cm

  8. Djeco Dot to Dot Colouring Too Cute is a fun drawing and colouring activity for younger children. First join the dots on the colourful, part printed templates to discover the full picture and then colour them in to make fun mini-posters.


    Five pictures to complete measuring 21.5 by 23 cm all featuring a cute animal! Ideal as a party bag filler, stocking filler or small gift for children 3 to 6 years years old.


    Material: Paper

    Size: 21.5 cm x 23 cm

    Age: 3- 6 years

  9. This super sweet little yellow rubber duck feature flashing LEDs that cycle through different colours. Cleverly the duck is activated as soon as it's placed in water. Would make a lovely little gift or a stocking filler that is sure to make bath time even better, for young and old alike!
  10. Wind-up unicorn toy with clockwork hopping action. Prime the mechanism and then release to make the unicorn hop on its front legs, propelling the toy across the surface on which it is placed. Available in pink, purple and yellow designs.


    Would make a great little present or party bag filler. Please note that the price is for one unicorn only


    Material: Plastic

    Size: 7.5cm long

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