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  1. This delightful set of 10 cardboard stacking blocks featuring retro inspired colourful artwork by the talented Helen Dardik .


    Have fun nesting and stacking them. Try stacking them by animal, object, number, color of letters. It will exercise their imaginations and help kids learn as they play.


    Size: Total length 89 cm. Biggest block 13.5 x 13.5 13.5 cm. Smallest block 4.5 x 4.5 x 4.5 cm, Box 15 x 15 x 15 cm

    Quantity: 10 pcs

    Material: Cardboard and string

  2. Take this alligator for a stroll or stop for some shape sorting fun, this is a pull toy and shape sorter in one.

    Five chunky wooden shapes fit easily into the matching holes on the top. Supplied in presentation box

    Material: Wood

    Size: 32 x 18 x 18 cm

  3. Little ones can spend all day building and redesigning their racing car with the 10 wooden blocks included.


    The options and possibilities will encourage creative thinking. Made by quality toy manufacturer Djeco, this is a colourful sturdy, wooden stacking toy supplied complete in beautifully illustrated box making it an ideal gift.


    Material: Wood

    Size: 20 cm x 15 cm x 8 cm

    Age: 2 years +

  4. Stacking Rocket For young rocket scientists! This stacking rocket made of robust wood reaches for the skies. The brightly coloured rings can be assembled by even the youngest kids, who will playfully practice their fine motor skills and coordination. Four well-manufactured and lovingly-painted rings and the cap of the rocket can be stacked on the pedestal - and a cute tower that can be toppled over is the result! The Rocket stacking tower in a great design - a classic for young explorers approx. 9 x 9 x 18 cm
  5. Lovely set of nesting dolls with beautiful black and white graphic prints by Sketch Inc.


    Perfect kids room decoration, a newborn baby gift or in a monochrome interior. The nesting dolls, also known as Babushka's, Matryoshka's or Russian Dolls, are made of wood and decorated by hand, which makes each and every set unique.


    Material: Wood, made and painted by hand

    Size:largest doll is 14 cm, the smallest is only 3.5 cm

    NOTE: We try very hard to ensure that the dolls are perfect but please be aware that because these dolls are made by hand using hard wood, wood knots may occur and temperature changes might cause the wood to react by expanding. If difficult to open / close, please take somewhere cooler or less humid (should this be the case) Please also note that each doll feature a graphic pattern and due to the curved shapes of the dolls, the straight pattern of the design may show some imperfections and overlap.



  6. Designed for Studio Matryoshka by the talented Swedish illustrator, Ingela P Arrhenius.


    This retro style set of nesting dolls features various popular animals such as an owl, a monkey and a polar bear. Each of the six animals fit inside the other, and beautifully illustrated, each of the animals are like little pieces of art.


    This set is perfect to display, collect, enjoy and play with!


    Material: Painted plastic

    Size: Tallest figure is approx 12.5 cm high

  7. Get building with these stacking blocks by adding one on top of the other, and watch the delight as you topple the tower over! A great educational toy assisting in the development of a range of early skills that is fun, safe and timeless!


    Learn and play with these 10 Colourful Animals alphabet and number blocks, each with a different character on. Stack them to discover the alphabet and numbers, giving little ones plenty to look at and absorb.


    The blocks stack inside each other for neat storage and come supplied in a sturdy box. Would make a lovely gift!


    Material: Reinforced cardboard

    Size: Boxes graduate in size from largest 13.5 x 13.5 x 13.5 cm to smallest 3.5 x 3.5 x 3.5cm.

    Height of the stacking blocks in a tower is 85 cm 

  8. From nursery shelf to the playroom floor, our modern bunny stacker delivers design and delight.


    Featuring a slightly rounded base to allow a gentle wobble back and forth (but doesn't fall), felt ears and bold coloured polished wooden rings that can be pulled off and re-stacked on the post in any order, this is a great early learning toy encouraging fine motor skill development. And since we know each piece will get the baby mouth taste test, our bunny is made with non-toxic, water-based varnish on sustainable harvested wood: good for little ones and good for the planet!


    Material: Made from sustainable harvested wood. Includes water-based screen printed accents and non-toxic water-based varnish

    Size: 21.5 cm x 9.5 cm

    Misc: Conforms to CPSIA, ASTM, EU, and CE standards

    Age: 12 months+

  9. Designed for little people, this wooden puzzle frog is great for learning colours and improving dexterity.


    In the shape of a colourful frog, feature 4 colourful lacquered sorter plates and the transparent varnished head made from solid wood.


    Supplied in a little box, this traditional wooden toy, is designed to help your child learn hand eye co-ordination and train the motor skills of tiny hands. Would make a lovely gift.


    Material: Wood

    Size: 13 cm tall x 7.5 cm diameter

    Age: Suitable for 18 months +


  10. This great variation on the classic ring stacker feature 7 bright and cheerful rings, with the top one spinning like a windmill. The round pieces have 2 holes so kids can learn about 3D.


    A great educational wooden toy to encourage creative play, which is necessary to develop the mind of the child during critical windows of accelerated development which are common in early childhood. Would make a lovely, good quality gift.


    Material: 100% eco friendly Plantation Wood, using baby safe paints

    Size: 18 cm tall

    Age: 18 months +

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