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  1. Cute colourful balloon powered boat toy made from plastic.


    Simply inflate the balloon, pinch the end and then fit it to the top of the boat. When the boat is in water, release the balloon and the boat with drive along the surface.


    Material: Plastic

    Size: 10 cm

    Includes 2 balloons

  2. The perfect spring toy!


    Chunky caterpillar with ingenious clockwork movement that makes its body curl and stretch as it wriggles along on hidden wheels. In assorted colours


    Size: 8 cm

    Material: Plastic

    Age: 3 years +

    Colours: Green, pale gree, orange

  3. Take aim and ping those pom poms! Hours of fun catapulting pom poms and all comes in a handy canvas gift bag. Would make a great little gift! Contents: 1 x wooden catapult and 15 pom poms


    Size: 16 cm tall

    Material: Wood and wool

  4. This little tent will be loved by your little one for time alon or playing with friends.  Featuring a fabric door and two windows, decorated with a flag bunting pattern, this cheerful structure pops up for easy assembly and can easilty be packed away again.


    Size: 106 cm diameter x 140 cm tall

    Material: Non woven fabric

Set Descending Direction