Moon - Für Neil Print by Martin Krusche

Design by: Martin Krusche, Germany

Martin Krusche works as illustrator and is famously known as co-founder and manager of the Berlin fashion label YACKFOU.

The illustrations and graphic works he made for the label, are not only present on many Shirts in Berlin, but can be found all over Europe.
Furthermore he works as free-lance illustrator for several other companies (i.e. Völkl, ETH Zürich, Woot!), exhibits his works in several galleries and has won many artist and design competitions - most famously Threadless, LaFraise and A-Better-Tomorrow - and other prizes for his acclaimed, colorful, and imaginative Art.

His print, Moon Moon - Für Neil, is named after Neil Armstrong, the first man on the moon. The print feature a photographic image of the moon on a very dark deep purple base. A beautiful gift that would transit exceptionally well from childhood to adulthood.

Product detail:

Size: 50 cm x 70 cm

Material: 170 gm matt card

Misc: supplied in card tube
Moon - Für Neil Print by Martin Krusche from Little Baby Company