Diplodocus Chargeable Mini LED Light
Diplodocus Chargeable Mini LED Light
Diplodocus Chargeable Mini LED Light
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Diplodocus Chargeable Mini LED Light

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The Diplodocus Green Dino Mini LED Lamp is a quirky and delightful miniature origami sculpture of the longest dinosaur ever known to have roamed the planet. Let it tower over your desk and shed some light on some of the most pressing questions you’ve ever pondered, such as ‘Why did the Diplodocus cross the road’?

Are you still waiting for an Ice Age, or would you rather change your office décor while there’s such a thing as the seasons? If you’re ready to make that leap into the bright, then say no more. The Diplodocus Mini LED Lamp has a few fresh ideas to share. Measuring only 12 cm in length, 11 cm in height and 6.5 cm in depth, this mini dino poses no threat. It’s 225 times smaller than the real thing, but infinitely brighter, far easier to tame, and much more gifting-appropriate than your average dino.

Light it up using the three AG13 batteries or the 157 cm long USB cable provided, and watch as your old desk decorations are consigned to oblivion. Featuring protective pads under its origami stylized feet, what this sculpture lacks in mobility, it makes up for in poise.  

This vibrant dino also comes in egg cup, desk lamp and mug form - as seen on the right hand side! There are also other dinosaurs in the Mini LED Lamp collection - also viewable on the right!

Material: Polyresin

Size: Length: 12 cm, Width: 6.5 cm, Height: 11 cm

Misc: Batteries included 3 x AG13

Age: 3+