Russian Nesting Dolls - Black & White
Russian Nesting Dolls - Monochrome
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Russian Nesting Dolls - Monochrome

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Lovely set of nesting dolls with beautiful black and white graphic prints by Sketch Inc.

Perfect kids room decoration, a newborn baby gift or in a monochrome interior. The nesting dolls, also known as Babushka's, Matryoshka's or Russian Dolls, are made of wood and decorated by hand, which makes each and every set unique.

Material: Chinese hard wood, made by hand and finished using non toxic, water based paint

Size:largest doll is 14 cm, the smallest is only 3.5 cm

NOTE: We try very hard to ensure that the dolls are perfect but please be aware that because these dolls are made by hand using hard wood, wood knots may occur and temperature changes might cause the wood to react by expanding. If difficult to open / close, please take somewhere cooler or less humid (should this be the case) Please also note that each doll feature a graphic pattern and due to the curved shapes of the dolls, the straight pattern of the design may show some imperfections and overlap.